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Text Box: "It shows that the banks obviously need better controls," said University of Toronto professor Luis Seco, a specialist in financial risk management.
Current market risk models were developed after the stock- market crash of 1987 and are 20 years old, Seco said. 
"We have many new markets and portfolios out there, and we are using market paradigms that are not designed to deal with them." 
A substantial updating of current technology on current models is in order, he said. 
However, it won't be a quick fix. After the 1987 crash, it took 10 years to implement the existing risk management models in the system, Seco said.

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Heads roll at BMO, Published On Fri May 18 2007


By Tony Wong Business Reporter




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Government of Canada

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Oct 29, 2007 17:00 ET

Government of Canada Honours Innovation Leaders With Synergy Awards




Featured Researcher: Luis Seco

By Nicolle Wahl, for U of T Mississauga Magazine - Spring 2008


Professor Luis Seco. Photo:U of T Mississauga Magazine

ItŐs tragic enough when one family defaults on their mortgage and loses their home, but what happens when entire neighbourhoods share that fate?